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I met Alan Quayle at the recent Voice Peering Forum. He moderated the panel Telco 2.0 and Web 2.0: Making Money Together? which was on the same track as the panel I was on, Service Delivery Platforms: The intersect of Web 2.0 and Telecom (I’ll post a review of that panel shortly). Both panels tackled a theme that was in the forefront at the conference: How can carriers and 3rd party developers work together to bring innovative services to market?

I spoke with Alan during the show about our product and how it fits into the new carrier landscape. He gave the Fonolo beta a whirl and posted an article titled Start-ups to Watch: Fonolo, stopping the IVR Hell!:

"I’ve used the service a couple of times, and it ‘does what it says on the tin.’  You can select where you want to go for a range of companies’ IVR menus, and it calls you once connected to an agent…. set-up takes less than a minute and it works on any phone, you simply click on the webpage, get on with your life, and when the agent is connected you receive a call…"

Thanks Alan!