We’ve recently started doing free webinars to help people understand the various aspects of Fonolo. The next one will be April 28th at 2pm eastern time. Title and abstract are below. To register click here.

Fonolo ROI: How adding a visual interface to your call center can reduce costs and delight your customers

Does your call center suffer from aggravating phone menus, long hold times, transfers between agents, or repeating info unnecessarily? If so, then these flaws are leading to frustrated customers, increased handle times, unresolved calls, and potentially millions of dollars in added costs.

Until now, fixing these flaws has required costly and time-consuming upgrades to call center equipment. Fonolo offers you a new way forward.

Fonolo’s cloud-based approach works completely independently of your call center infrastructure, which means speedy setup and no deployment costs. By adding a visual interface to your call center, Fonolo can reduce misnavigation, add virtual queuing and collect pre-call information. The bottom line: You will watch your call center costs go down, and caller satisfaction go up.

Join us for our upcoming webinar were we will share our best practices on maximizing your call center’s dollar and how Fonolo provides positive ROI rapidly.


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