From the monthly archives: July 2009

I have two very exciting announcements to share with you today:

First, we have released a major upgrade to the Fonolo consumer service including a new interface and several new features. It is available right now at If you had an existing Fonolo account, all of your information and call history has been transferred over.

Second, we announced a product for companies that lets them easily embed Fonolo functionality in their own web sites. This is a game changer for the call center and customer service industry. You can read some basic information here. I will explain in more depth with a later post.

In this post, I will describe some of the enhancements to our consumer service.

1) Deep Dialing — better than ever

Deep Dialing lets you skip the phone menu when calling any of the over 500 companies in our database. The service is still free, and now you don’t even need an account to try it. Search through our company list directly from the front page and click to start your call. No sign-up required, no software to install, no special phone needed, no form to fill-out — we don’t even ask for your email address.



2) Completely new interface

imageWe redesigned our web interface, based on feedback we received and user behavior we observed during the last six months of our public beta.


For example, we have streamlined the bookmarking functionality: Bookmarks and call history now live in a convenient sidebar visible on every page in the site. Any call from your call history can be "promoted" to a bookmark in one click.


3) Quick Tones

The next time a phone system asks you to "please enter your account number", you’ll be able to do it in one click, using our new Quick Tones feature. First, add numbers that you frequently use during a call (account numbers, frequent flyer number, PINs) to your Quick Tones list. Then, when you are on a call, just click the appropriate Quick Tone and Fonolo will send a series of tones to the company’s phone system, as if you had pressed the numbers yourself.

4) "Heads-up display" for your calls

While a call is active, we have a new "heads-up display" at the top of the screen that gives you status information and controls for call recording. You can collapse this display, and navigate the site without affecting the call. Or you can expand it to take notes during your call.


5) Improved call recording and notes

When you make recordings during a call, Fonolo will organize them on a master timeline for that call, along with any notes that you added. Now you can flag the important parts and easily find them later.


Try it today!

Best of all, Fonolo is completely free to use. Rather than read about these new features, try them yourself today!