From the monthly archives: May 2009


On June 2, Rogers will begin selling two phones powered by Android, Google’s mobile OS, the first such phones in Canada. The HTC Dream (pictured below) will be the first Android phone available in Canada. 

Rogers will also be launching the HTC Magic which, like the iPhone, has no physical keyboard and, like the Blackberry, has a trackball for navigation.


Both phones will run on Rogers’ 3.5G, 7.2 Mbps High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) network. 

Mobile Fonolo for Canadians!

Of course, the first thing I thought about was that Canadians can now use Fonolo on their mobile devices! (Read more here.)

Does Google forbid Exchange compatibility?

So far, the only other mass market Android phone has been the "G1" from T-Mobile (which is also an HTC Dream under the covers).

Key difference between the two: The one from Rogers is an Android phone but not a Google phone. One of the implications of that difference — and probably the reason for Rogers’ decision — is support for Microsoft Exchange.

Engadget says this makes the Rogers offering: "a whole hell of a lot more useful to business users than the G1s down in the States, and going forward, this is an issue T-Mobile probably wants to think about."

IntoMobile reports: "[the phones] will not feature the Google logo on the back [because] … such devices (the G1) … must to adhere to a certain set of standards… [which] currently do not allow for Exchange support."

I haven’t dug into this issue any deeper than today’s reading, but one has to wonder if Google is using Android as a way to push GMail (and its other offerings) over Microsoft’s Exchange.