From the monthly archives: February 2009

EComm'09 I just booked my hotel and airfare for the Emerging Communications Conference (Mar 3-5, San Francisco). I decided to drop by their site and see how the speaker list has developed… Wow! Keynotes from Google, Nokia, BT, Skype, T-Mobile, Sprint, Adobe and Cisco. Hats off to organizer Lee Dryburgh for pulling together so many industry heavyweights.

But eComm isn’t just about hearing from the titans. As the title suggests, the focus is on exciting new developments in the telco, voice and communications world. As I wrote in December (link) eComm will be featuring “…established disruptors (Skype, Digium, Voxeo), disruptors-in-progress (PhoneTag, IfByPhone, Iotum) and big picture thinkers (Martin Geddes, Dean Bubley, Alan Quayle).”

I will be presenting on Tuesday, March 3, at 5:45pm. Here’s my talk title:

At last year’s eComm, Fonolo unveiled its online service for visually navigating IVR systems (phone menus). Fonolo’s online service (now in public beta) allows anyone to browse the phone menus of over 300 companies and “deep dial” into any point in that menu. In order to provide this service, Fonolo developed a system that “spiders” phone menus, much like Google spiders web sites.

A year later, the resulting data set, combined with the usage statistics collected from thousands of calls, provides a snapshot of the IVR world as it has never been seen before. In this session, CEO and co-founder Shai Berger will talk about the trends that Fonolo has observed. He will also unveil new features that continue Fonolo’s mission to alleviate the frustration of dealing with large companies over the phone.

Kicking yourself that you didn’t buy a ticket? Turns out there are still a few left AND you can still use my discount code (“Fonolo”) for 20% off. If you are involved in the voice or telco industry, you will be kicking yourself if you don’t go.