From the monthly archives: August 2008

I am attending the Clue Con Telephony Developer Conference in Chicago today and tomorrow. This is a great show for getting into the technical nitty-gritty of emerging telephony technology. Tomorrow, I will be giving a presentation here on 3 exciting new developments with Fonolo …

1) An API

It has always been on our roadmap to release an API (application programming interface) for Fonolo. We decided to accelerate its release in order to capitalize on the excitement and interest that Fonolo has generated in the community, in particular with carriers and mobile developers.

Today’s release is focused on Deep Dialing. It exposes functionality that lets you
•    Search Fonolo’s directory of companies;
•    Display the full text of the phone menu for a selected company;
•    Initiate a Deep Dial process to any node in the phone menu;

(If you’re wondering what Deep Dialing is, read this.)

2) A developer program

To go along with the API, we announced a developer program. Because the API allows you to place phone calls, we have to put some safeguards around its use. So we set up a form at that lets you request a developer account. Each account has a unique key that will help us track usage.

3) SIP support

We now allow you to route calls to any SIP address, as well as any North American PSTN number. At the moment, SIP routing is only available through the API, not the web interface.


The API does not include access to any account-based info such as call history, call recordings, personal bookmarks or call notes. That’s coming in a later release. (For technically minded, the API is based on JSON-RPC requests over HTTPS.)

You can read the full press release here.


I’ll be interviewed tomorrow by Alec Saunders on Squawk Box at 11am Eastern time.

Squawk Box is a call-in show hosted on Facebook and powered by Calliflower. If you’ve never attended a Squawk Box session before, it’s really easy to tune in and they have a very friendly approach to participating: You can either write your question on the “wall” or you can raise your hand and ask your question through the microphone.

If you’re on Facebook, just click here and join.

UPDATE: You can hear a recording of the show here.


chainsawWow! Our traffic went through the roof on Thursday after this article in The Consumerist:

Fonolo Slash-and-Burns Dread Phone Trees

Love that title. They also called Fonolo “an industrial-powered buzzsaw for hacking down phone trees”. Makes the work we’re doing here seem so action-packed! (I’m sorry to say that, in reality, spidering phone trees is a fairly unexciting process.) As a long time fan of The Consumerist myself, I’m thrilled with the coverage. Thanks guys!

I also want to point out this ZDNet article which says “Imagine this: you have to make a phone call, but you don’t want to sit through the umpteen-level phone tree awaiting your poor ear… [Fonolo] is like music to your ears — without the endless loop of Kenny G’s greatest hits.”

Finally, Boy Genius Report upgraded us from “buzz saw” to “chain saw” in this post saying “This is the kind of service worth waiting for.” Thanks! Speaking of waiting…

To the thousands of you waiting for beta invitations: We’re working as hard as we can to make the system ready for more users. Please stand by!