From the monthly archives: May 2008

mobilize_logo_med.gifOm Malik just announced a new conference focusing on high-speed mobile Internet applications. Details sparse for now other than it will be in August.

From the post:

Mobilize will be a one-day conference that brings together the thought leaders and practicioners of what is essentially the mobile web. Through talks, demonstrations and debate we hope to get a better sense of the future and at the same time define opportunities for both entrepreneurs and those looking to back them.”

Surj Patel was co-author of the post so I’m guessing he will be organizing the show. That makes me think of this as the reincarnation of the ETel show (which Surj organized until it was canceled by O’Reilly last year.)

More from their post: “… with the recent convergences in design, user experience, handset technology, and location and wireless network technology, the promise of the mobile web is finally about to be unleashed. Faster network speeds are powering devices with bigger screens, newer interfaces and an emphasis on delivering a new kind of wireless Internet experience. The standard operating systems — RIM’s Blackberry, Apple, Google Android, LiMo, Windows Mobile & Symbian — are opening up opportunities for new applications and new ideas. It’s hard not to get excited about the possibilities.”


frog-ripples.jpgI recently learned that Jon Arnold’s blog was named as one of the Top 100 Telecom Industry Blogs, as compiled by VoIP Now. You can see the list here. I remember reading some of Jon’s blog entries long ago, when I was first getting interested in this space.

A week later, Andy Abramson, who writes the blog VoIP Watch, was named by the Industry Standard as a top “B-Z” blogger. You can see the blurb here. Andy’s blog is consistently one my top sources of information and opinion on Voice 2.0, VoIP, unified communications and several other topics.

Here’s a two year old post from Jon that I can cite specifically as being influential on my thinking about Fonolo: TalkPlus – What Voice 2.0 is all About. Coincidentally, it also mentions Andy. For anyone interested in the changing landscape for carriers and the new relationships they are forging with software companies, this is a must-read, especially the section titled “there are 3 really good reasons why mobile operators want to do business with TalkPlus.”

I’m proud to say that both Andy and Jon are advisors to Fonolo and have helped immensely in recent months with shaping our product and strategy. As I wrote here, it’s hard to overstate how much blogging acts as a catalyst for start-ups. Hopefully I will give back to community with my efforts.

In the months since we unveiled Fonolo, my posts have all been about our product. While I plan to continue using this blog for Fonolo news and discussion, I am also determined to get some “big-picture” posts written in the near future. (Having just returned from the excellent Mesh Conference, I’ve got plenty to think about.)


meshI am attending the Mesh Conference in Toronto today and tomorrow. This conference has really become a staple of the start-up scene in the few years that it’s been running.

They get top notch speakers and attract a terrific crowd. The best thing — it’s a 5 minute drive from my office! That’s a nice change from flying 5 hours to California.