From the monthly archives: January 2007

Hello everyone.


Well, after taking some time off, I am now the proud co-founder of a startup called Fōncloud. (Don’t bother clicking – there’s nothing there yet.)


Jason and I have been kicking around the idea for a few months. Today, we had lunch with the two main developers from Streamcheck (our previous startup) and I was thrilled to watch the excitement spread around the table. So, we’ve decided on a name and officially declared it “Day 1″.


It’s hard to describe the thrill of a new start-up. There’s a feeling that anything is possible at this point. It’s a feeling I know will wear off as we start to hammer out the details, raise money, hire staff, and try to meet deadlines. Brain-storming on a whiteboard gives way to budget reviews on a spreadsheet. But I’m going to enjoy it as long as I can.


Mark Cuban put it well on his blog

There are few things more exciting than starting a business and getting things rolling. The fear, the adrenalin, the excitement, the hope that every entrepreneur feels, are all intoxicating. [more...]

And I’ll close with a quote from the blog of VC Peter Rip:

Startups are the stem cells of our economy. They represent the hope and possibility of something new, invigorating, and transformational. Startups are new ideas, often self-selected with leaders who see a few moves ahead from the rest of us. At least that is the hope. [more...]